Wednesday, 15 July 2009

good afternoon

Hello and welcome to D'z jewells
I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read and visit my blog..
I was not very sure what i am ment to do with this sort of thing (ie blogs etc)
but i think that always trying to sell you something is not the way to go
So today i am just going to type, telling you some things about me, here goes

10 things you did not know about DonnaMarie from D'z jewells
1.... I am 44 years old
2.... I have 8 tattoos and i am looking for my next one
3.... I was given an emergency hysterectomy at the age of 25
4.... I got my belly button pierced about 6 years ago
5.... I have been married twice and i have been separated from my second husband for 11 ish years, but i cant find him to divorce him...
6.... My son (of 20) was a twin, and his twin was still born
7.... I am a very, very good hair stylist
8.... I had a duodenal ulcer for 7 years before i was operated on to sort it out at 14 years old
9.... my children are my life and i love them ssssooooo much
10.. my fibromyalgia is so bad some days i can not lift my head up off my pillow, I have not had a pain free day in more than 5 years......

I have mixed up the information so you are not always going oh my god or i feel sorry for her or laughing for me, i hope this was ok?? I did not think i would find 10 things to say but once i was started i found it quite hard to stop.....
as i said thank you for viewing my blog and feel free to become a follower

love DonnaMarie XX


  1. Very honest and open list of 10, keep your chin up (no pun intended). I too have been married twice, but the second one is still very good. it was only when i was getting my divorce that i found out that my mum was the other woman, that caused my father to get divorced from his first wife (we didn't even know he had been married before)they were together for 43 year (that's my parents) before my dad died.
    there. I have shared something with you now

  2. I love your honestly and how open you are on your blog.

    Seeing as we're all sharing, my husband is 13 years older than me which isn't a new thing in itself I've mentioned it before but it does also mean that I technically have a 19 year old step-son. I'm 28 btw:)