Saturday, 11 July 2009

The swap

This is the items that i received in the swap through Folksy, wich Kerli sorted out.... you can find her here
I received mine from Kerli herself.

I have got so much ideas that i am going to do with some of the box, but I have not got a clue what i am going to do with certain things. But i am still working on it..............

I got a pack of eastern treasures variety paper which has more than 50 sheets in it, it has some awesome pages in it.......also some design letters (which is also in this first picture) they are like the very first letter of an old book (Kerli designed them herself, she is a VERY talented lady)

There is also 3 packs of colossal boarders and 6 by 6 pieces of paper from paper mania, they will be very useful in my card making. This i would think would be the reason the box was so heavy (it must of cost a fortune to post)

There was a parcel of Christmas cards, post cards, nice pack of envelopes, and 3 hand made cards by Kerli her self, One of which just happens to be her avatar (which i feel very privileged to own and will not be sending to anyone)

There is a cute organza bag of little charms for card making, some brooches (crochet flower, felt strawberries, 3 pins badges, a gorgeous bit of watermelon) and it also has earrings in it (6 pairs of dice, some beaded hoops) and it also has some felt bits for card making.......

I got a large tube of pringles full of re cycled wooden beads from a wooden car seat cover, and a tin of really gorgeous beads the colour of the sky on a really nice day.... also bugle beads to go with and some brown ones too..

I have a load of really cute tags recycled from old cards for me to use (they are very cute)
I had a book which when my son seen it he said i can take that bok with me on holiday and popped it into his backpack, so i cant even tell you a name, because i didn't get long enough to read it... But Kerli did write that she thought it was funny......
Now to the rest I got 5 sock knitting needles, some red wool, and some multi coloured wool which some of it has been made into coasters, and the rest is a ball....
I also got 2 balls of plastic novelty yarn which is recycled, I can not think of things to do with these last few things at the moment but as i said i am still working on it........ Kerli has told me the size of knitting needles i would need to use with the wool (but silly me i didn't even know needles had sizes) I know DUH........
So I am very happy with my swap and if you keep watching this space i will blog the things i make with the stuff as i make them........
So as i said watch this space.....
Love from DonnaMarie XX

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  1. The book is Bored of the Rings and it is a parody of Lord of the Rings, I quite liked it. It is a bit rude and childish in places, but... If you have read the real thing, you'll get plenty of laughs! :)

    Anyway, I didn't even remember what I had put in the parcel... :P

    You can give the yarn to someone who knits, you know! :)