Monday, 27 July 2009


Hi I am sorry i havn't posted for a litle while, i just don't know what to write sometimes..
Last night we (me the kids and my ex partner) all went in to see Harry Potter, just like we have done with every other Harry Potter film (kids are now 20 and 22) but still can't wait for the next 2 films...... The film was good but as usual they missed a lot of the book out, (like his funeral, along with other bits) but i still managed to cry like a baby, I know if they put everything into the film we would be there for days but there are some things you just should not miss out......

We also seen an advert for another film we are waiting for with baited breath....... New moon, the second in the "Twilight" series of books (the books were amazing) Well the advert has put my very stubborn (bless her) daughter off seeing the film alltogether, It showed you 3 of the main, in your face, moments of the book.. (three of the bits that tells you so much) three of the bits that takes up at least half of the book, in a few minutes advert... The film does not come out untill November so she could not even avoid it, especially when they go into the cinema once a week....... But i am looking forward to the film..

So today (after the cinema visit) with my fibromyalgia i am finding it very difficult......... I have a bad pain in my neck (lol but i mean it), a worse pain in my lower back, and my hips feel like i have had my legs in the air all night (lol again).......

So i will see you all again soon,
take care of you DonnaMarie X

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  1. ohh legs in the air...what have you been doing???